Q: “Our Non Profit requires strict management to maintain our 501 designation. We need to ensure disbursements are correctly managed and reported. Do you provide specialized services to meet the IRS requirements? 

A: As a Business management consulting company we offer specific accounting software designed to manage Non Profits and the highly trained and trusted staff to disburse funds according to those regulatory guidelines. 

Q: “Can you provide services outside the State? 

A: PBS, Inc. provides virtual services anywhere. Through e-mail, phone, fax, USPS or banking establishment, we can service your financial and business needs wherever you are located. We are Global ready! 

Q: “I just started a small business with minimal payables. Is that too small? 

A: PBS, Inc. offers Administrative and online bookkeeping services. We have hourly billing or our popular monthly service packages! We have the ability to service your business requirements...no matter the size.  And good business management equals high profitability! 

Q: “I work long hours, travel extensively and cannot seem to find the time to effectively manage my own finances. Can you help with my personal finances?

A: PBS, Inc. provides personal finance services AND can assist you in building a strong financial profile!

FAQs For our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

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