Non Profit Management (501c3)
PBS, Inc. works closely within Communities and Charitable Organizations to provide IRS regulated bookkeeping and accounting services.  

Budgets and Forecasts, AR/AP, Assessment Statements & Payments, Quarterly Newsletter Service, Editing, Covenant & Violation Enforcement, Resident Correspondence, Vendor Contract Negotiations, Coordination of Legal Matters with Attorney Offices, Tax Return Assistance with your CPA or choose from our preferred list 

With the ever increasing cost of doing business, overhead expenses can be an obstacle to profitability. By engaging our virtual offices, you have the benefit of a full time staff without the cost associated with office space, equipment or employees.  

At our business management consulting company, We provide full Administrative, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Human Resource and our collective Business expertise 5 days a week. We also offer coordinated services through local Attorneys, CPA’s, Contractors and Insurance Companies. 

Personal Finance 
Most people find that between work and life commitments they struggle to juggle their personal finances. We can develop a solution created and based upon your real budget, due dates, pay periods and specific goals to ensure your financial success. Treat your personal finances like a business and make it your most successful venture! 

Start Ups/Entrepreneurs 
Plenty of thought and planning went into the decision to go into business. Now it’s time to plan for the financial success of that dream. A solid foundation of budgeting, forecasting and expense control is crucial to any business success. Put the collective power of the best financial and business managers and our online bookkeeping services in your corner!

Utilize the Resources we have established to operate with the power of Big Business! 

About Our Online Bookkeeping and Other Services

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